1835 Pattern Enfield Spike Bayonet 

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This original angular socket bayonet was made for the Model 1853 Enfield muzzle loading rifle-musket. It saw service in the Crimean War, American Civil War, New Zealand Land Wars and the Indian Mutiny to name a few. It is a typically British design in that it has a blade "shoulder" and is shallow fullered. It was attached to the musket by fitting it over the barrel muzzle and fastened into position by means of a mortise slot and locking ring.

Production of the 1853 pattern socket bayonet continued throughout the life of the Enfield muzzleloader and the Snider breech loading conversion and was finally terminated in 1875. This example bears prominent Indian or Nepalese writing, the Enfield being given or sold to nations across the world during this time period and it likely saw use long after it ceased being manufactured.

The steel has light patina but no signs of pitting and is in good condition.

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