1855 Pattern Bavaria Infantry Officer's Sword 

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This is a fine example of a Bavarian infantry officer’s sword, with a steel B-shaped knuckle guard typical of the 1855 pattern, as well as a steel back strap and oval pommel. The guard possesses two slits for a sword knot to hang from, which it no longer has. The shark skin grip is in excellent condition and retains the wire binding. It features a light, slightly curving blade, with a fuller towards the back edge, which is nickel plated steel. The nickel plating has done its job leaving most of the blade as bright as it was when it left the maker, but as is often the case some of the plating has degraded in a speckling pattern. The blade is blunt and measures 78cms, with the overall length coming to 94cms. It does not have a sheathe.

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