1920-1940 Type 19 Kyu Gunto Japanese Army Officer's Sword 

BUY £195 (+£10 UK postage if applicable)

Offered is a Type 19 Kyu Gunto Japanese Army Officer's sword dating to 1920-1940; measuring 30.5 inches, with a 26 inch blade.

It is nickel plated and shines brightly in places, however it has been blemished by damage to the plating that has chipped away at the finish. The weapon has been service sharpened and features some noticeable usage on the business end of the blade, with nicks all the way up the cutting edge. The fittings are crafted in brass, with ornate cherry blossom and floral motives, and with an intricately decorated hand guard, but the knuckle-bow has snapped off, which is possibly in period damage as the remaining nub has since been smoothed. The loss of the leather washer has also resulted in the guard being loose. The black celluloid grip is complemented by several rows of straight and twisted brass wire, all of which are tight and in place. The scabbard is constructed of steel and retains its suspension ring and drag. The throat of the scabbard is held together by a period screw, and is attached to the uniform via the ring.

Although this Kyu Gunto Japanese Army Officer's sword is definitely in used condition, it is slight and forms an attractive piece of history that has seen more than it's fair share of service and now needs a good home to retire to. For non-UK postage/taxes, alternative delivery or any further enquiries please email: Annabel Arms.